Acquisition of Immovable Property in Cyprus

Buying Property in Cyprus is considered to be a great investment opportunity as the island is a popular tourist destination and offers high quality of living which makes it an attractive location for permanent establishment for many rich families and international business people.

Furthermore, by acquiring property in Cyprus, you can be benefited from the acquisition of Permanent Resident Permit and Shekel VISA for travelling in the whole Europe.

Cyprus is also offered as an ideal international business centre due to the Island’s privilege position lying within the cross boarder of Europe and the Middle East and the attractive tax benefits and friendly business environment.

We are committed to fully undertake the acquisition and management of the property, the legal due diligence, contract drafting & execution, land registration services, application for the issue of permit to acquire property and application for the issue of Permanent Resident Permit.

Regulations & Proceedures for Acquisition of Immovable Property in Cyprus

Cypriots & E.U citizens Under Cyprus Law, Cypriots or persons of Cypriot origin as well as E.U citizens are allowed to acquire any property without any restrictions. Non E.U citizens Non E.U residents, wishing to purchase immovable property in Cypru...

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Land registration services

While the procedure of obtaining land registration can be long and time consuming, we undertake to arrange the land registration of your property ourselves. Below you may find some steps advisable to be followed, steps that our business consultants and...

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Application for the issue of permit to acquire property

In order to submit the relevant Form Comm.145 for the Application for the issue of permit to acquire property, the following documents are required, which we will undertatke to gather and submit the applicaiton on your behalf. Documents and informati...

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Cyprus Residential and Working Permits

While Cyprus is a European Union member Country, this results in citizens of other European Union Countries to be able to reside and work in Cyprus without any limitations. On the contrary, citizens of non EU Countries need residential and working perm...

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