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Cyprus the island

Introduction to the Island Cyprus, a member of the European Union since 2004, is also known as the beautiful island of Aphrodite, providing a fascinating combination of the deep blue waters of the sea and its mountains. It is the third largest Medite...

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Legal system

Cyprus was a British colony until 1960, when the island became an independent republic.   Until independence  the legal system was based on the English legal system.   The laws enacted for the colony applied to Cyprus  the principles of common la...

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Tax system

A. Legal Entities B. Physical Entities   A. Legal Entities: Tax Rates for Companies Taxable Income Tax Rate % Companies 10 Public Law Constitutions 25 Exemptions Dividend income from abroad and from Cyprus is exe...

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History & Sightseeing

Limassol - Kourion Archaeological Site One of the most spectacular archaeological sites on the island, Kourion was an important city kingdom where excavations continue to reveal impressive new treasures. Noted particularly for its magnificent Greco - ...

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Food & Dining

While being in Cyprus you will be able to enjoy the excellent Mediterranean cuisine and a variety of superb local wines! The Island has many restaurants, café/bars that offer food and drinks, a variety of which consist both Local and International Cu...

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The Island has excellent transportation infrastructure. There are modern ports linking a wide range of destinations due to the island’s key geographical position and two international airports, one at Larnaca and one at Paphos, with daily and frequen...

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Education & Schools

The Education system in Cyprus consists of the following stages: Pre-Primary education: Pre-Primary Education is compulsory for all children between 4 8/12 – 5 8/12 years old. Children are also accepted over the age of 3. This level of education aim...

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